London Candy Co. Brings British Cavities to New York

If you’ve ever been to the U.K., then you’ve probably had the privilege of tasting some of the world’s best chocolates and candies. And there is no question about it, chocolate on the other side of the pond generally tastes sweeter than its American counterparts. As a matter of fact, American M&Ms taste different than British M&Ms, and the same applies to most other candies – even if they are branded the same. Also, those lucky Brits have an assortment of flavors that we’ll never get here. Fancy a Hazlenut or Peanut Butter Kit Kat? Well, until now, you would have had to suffer through a 7 hour flight to get one, but if you’re in New York City, that is all about to change. That is because the London Candy Co. has just opened its doors in the Greenwich Village, and they have a store packed with yummy sugary British goods.

The owner Jigs grew up in London as the son of parents that created a Sweet Shop Dynasty they maintained for 30 + years and even has the pulse on all of the Royal Brit’s favorite treats. Of course, such luxuries come at a premium – for example, a British Kit Kat bar will cost you $2 at the London Candy Co. But the price of enjoying some British Whoppers without getting jet lagged? Priceless.

The London Candy Co. is located at 267 Bleecker St (at Morton).

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