USB Locket Holds Precious Memories

screenshot_1522You know how some people stick pictures of their loved ones in lockets, and wear them around their necks? Well, this is kinda like that, only maybe a little less sentimental. Who needs sentimentality, anyway?

After all, why wear one picture in your locket when you can wear hundreds with the Mini USB Locket? Coming in silver or 24k gold-plated brass, the locket has a tiny 2 GB flash drive stored inside, so you can store all of your precious memories, and then some. And I do mean tiny – you would be hard pressed to make a USB drive much smaller than this.

If ever a product was made to be a sign of the times, it’s this one. The Mini USB Locket is a natural step forward in the evolution of the locket. But, some things do stay the same – it’s still jewelry, and it’s still expensive. The Mini USB Locket will run you $200, and is available now. That said, the silver locket is currently sold out. You can still buy a gold-plated one, which is the same price.