Native Union Monocle Speakers are the Anti-Headphones

Oh, it looks like it should be a pair of headphones, but looks can be deceiving. This is the Monocle – the anti-headphones, and immediately the classiest way to listen to your tunes.

Despite all appearances, the Monocle, from Native Union, is actually a portable speaker. The speaker is in the guise of one half of a pair of headphones, along with a long cord that you would normally find on a pair of headphones. That’s for flexibility, so you can wear it around your neck, or keep it on your backpack while your music player is tucked inside, or swing it around like a mace. The long cords also make it possible to daisy chain Monocles – up to ten, in fact, which is a pretty impressive number. The Monocle can also be a speakerphone, which will work with VoIP applications, too.

On the outside, there’s a Micro USB port and an auxiliary port for daisy chaining. The Monocle will come in slate, coral, marine blue, and mint colors, along with special brushed metal finishes in black copper and black metal.

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