Motörhead Amps Up Boxed Wine


When I first looked upon this webpage, the contents within were nearly inscrutable to me. It took a few seconds for it to settle in, like fine wine hitting your palate. Motörhead is, in fact, producing their own boxed wine.

The band best known for “Ace of Spades” and, to be honest, I’m not sure what else, actually has an entire line of drinks that they’re pumping out from Australia (well, from Hell, according to the band), including beer, a rosé, vodka, and a Shiraz. The highlight has to be the Sacrifice Shiraz boxed wine, coming in a box adorned with the band’s logo, and looking like an amp.


Now, I was going to say that this would be the essential drink to serve at any congregation of metalheads, but some quick Internet sleuthing has revealed to me that Motörhead is far from alone in the heavy metal drink supplier business. In fact, it looks like some metal bands are using the same host or distributor or something. Just try your luck with (enter metal band here)-drinks-shop.com, and you might just come up a winner. It works with Slayer, whose Reign in Blood Cabernet Sauvignon has to be a front-runner for mandatory headbanging wine. AC/DC and Iron Maiden are also in on the act.


Who said metalheads can’t be classy? But, this fine wine is only classing it up in Europe, where it can be ordered online for varying prices, depending on where you live. However, if you really like  your wine with a side of rock – the Firebox is currently selling this fine boxed red wine too.

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