Say Goodbye to Pins with Motorola Skip for Moto X

screenshot_1516Gird yourselves, everyone, because Google and Motorola are about to save you minutes out of your day. Well, a minute and a half, on average. Maybe you’ll even get two or three back thanks to Motorola Skip.

Motorola Skip, which will work with the Moto X, is a tiny clip that will unlock your phone with a tap. It’s small enough to wear on shirt sleeves and not be too noticeable, so you can unlock your phone with a quick tap, instead of being faced with the arduous task of entering your four-digit pin. The Skip will also come with three stickers that function a little like NFC stickers, except these will only unlock your phone, and can’t be reprogrammed.

Of course, pin entry will still be a viable method of unlocking your phone, even when Skip is activated. Skip just shaves seconds off the unlock process, which, according to Motorola, people go through 39 times per day, on average. So, that’s the minute and a half. Get excited?

Motorola/Google plans to launch the Skip alongside the Moto X whenever it hits stores. Multiple colors are planned, but black with grey is the only one that will be available at launch. Not the most inspiring color, but if you order a Moto X at launch, you get Skip for free, so there’s the silver lining.


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