Munitio SV Earphones Review – the Best In-Ears You Never Heard Of

If you haven’t heard of Munitio’s audio products, then it’s time to check them out. Their latest Munitio SV earphones deliver big sound in a tiny package. As a matter of fact, they perform sonically better than some on-ear headphones – and for a much more reasonable price tag.

In the Box

  • MUNITIO SV Earphones
  • Small, Medium, and Large Silicone Hollow Points (these aren’t your momma’s ear tips – these are hollow points!)
  • Nylon Carrying Case

The SV’s are lightweight and feel good in your hand. While some earphones might feel flimsy and plasticky, the SV’s are made of a strong anodized aluminum material. The earphones also sport a flat tangle free cable that is becoming commonplace with lots of headphones.

Unfortunately, we weren’t all that impressed with the look and feel of the inline remote – while most remote controls on these types of earphones can be hit or miss, the buttons for the SV were probably the weakest part. We also wish that the controls were compatible with Android devices too. So while you can skip songs when connected to an Android phone, the SV earphones don’t work as fluidly with an Android phone as they do with Apple devices.

The MUNITIO SV Earphones sound crisp, clear and balanced. The soundstage is wide and loud. So much so, that they sound better than some pairs of on-ear headphones. The highs and mids really excel on vocals ranging from the likes of Adele to Josh Groban, and everything in between, while the R&B and auto-tune heavy music perform just as well. But you can really get a sense of how much amazing these earphones are if you mix up the variety of music with some acoustic or Jazz music.


In the end the MUNITIO SV Earphones are absolutely worth their $129.99 price tag. In fact, based on audio quality alone they are worth a lot more. Plus, their minimalist and lightweight design are icing in the cake. The SV’s will fit comfortably in smaller and larger ear canals too. So if you are looking for a pair of earphones that deliver without breaking the bank – than the SV Mobile Performance headphones are the way to go, and you will have to hurry because there are only 21 left.

The Good: Amazing audio performance – balanced and warm with a large soundstage. Sounds as impressive as on-ear headphones. Quality construction with tangle free cable. Very comfortable for in-ear headphones, and they will even fit smaller ears.

The Bad: Remote controls are bit on the cheap side. Would have liked support for more advanced Android controls.