Help Nick Carter Make His Horror Movie Dreams Come True


Time for your Backstreet Boys update. Wondering what Nick Carter’s been up to since the break-up – well, I guess the Backstreet Boys never really broke up. OK, have you been wondering about what Nick Carter has been doing while making music with the apparently still active Backstreet Boys? Well, he’s been writing a horror movie.

And, while a horror movie starring the Backstreet Boys as themselves in some riff off the Mystery Machine would be sensational, Carter is going for something a little more serious. He’s trying to get Evil Blessings, a screenplay he co-wrote, made into a feature-length movie. He’s revealed himself to be an avid horror movie fan, and wants to see his big screen ambitions come true (hey, they can’t all be Justin Timberlake, and yes, I know he was in ‘N Sync).


Carter has turned to Indiegogo to make that happen. Although he’s said that he will be matching a portion of the funds raised on Indiegogo (sort of a meaningless statement, come to think of it), it sounds like most of the movie making magic dollars will be coming from the people. And, to show that he’s serious, he’s already got some names on board to drop on you. Rob Carliner, who also worked on Crazy Heart, will be helping to produce, while the directing team will consist of director Sxv’Leithan Essex and director of photography Shian Storm. Carter showcases some of their work from other films on the video posted on Indiegogo.

The movie’s premise sounds like pretty standard horror fare – a few friends head up to the woods, only to get chased around by a family of ancient evil. Of course, horror premises are all kind of the same – it’s all in what the production team does with it. And, the cast needs to pull it off, too. As for that cast, Carter himself will also be starring in the movie, and four people who pitched in $6,000 on Indiegogo (all four spots are already taken) will get a speaking part of some sort.

According to the Indiegogo page, Carter isn’t looking to keep things anywhere near family-friendly, either. He’s prepared to shoot for the stars and get that R rating from the MPAA. He’s also focused on a movie that doesn’t look low-budget on completion, although the $85,000 funding goal seems a little low in that respect. Either way, that funding goal has been met, so it looks like Evil Blessings is a go. If you want to pitch in to make the finished product that much more polished, there are still plenty of perks left available.

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