Spotify Sounds Even Better in this Retro Cassette Case

5717_audio_retro_with_headphones_600All right! A new tape player, let me dig out my old Honky Chateau cassette. Man, I tell ya, old Elton John just never sounded better than when he was on the cassette – oh. Wait, this is a smartphone cover? Oh, alright. I guess I might have an old tape player buried under these old towels somewhere, but I’ve never forgiven that thing for eating all my Bangles tapes.

No, this is the Audio Retro Smartphone Cover. It’s actually a soft velcro case that completely seals your smartphone away, so it’s probably not the most convenient thing in the world. You will be able to run your headphone cable through the opening, though. But hey, double bonus retro points for velcro, right?


It’s also pretty tough – water resistant, tear proof, and shock proof. It seems like it’ll do a fairly good job of protecting your smartphone, with the obvious downside of not being able to use your phone while it’s inside the case.

If this blast from the past strikes the right chord with you, you can grab the Audio Retro Smartphone Cover off Luckies for $16.30.

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