6 Ways to Stay Sexy on the Road with a Travel Sized Gym

Staying fit when you travel can be exhausting just to think about. No one likes hotel gyms. So we have a great line up of recent fitness tech that is easy to travel with and can help you keep a healthy schedule despite being away from home. Those who live in small apartments or dorm rooms might also find these great additions to their mini home gym.  Here are 6 items that can make you “exercise anywhere” ready.


Thumbs Up, Portable Body Scale


purse 6 Ways to Stay Sexy on the Road with a Travel Sized Gym

This tiny tiny scale fits in your purse and weighs just under a pound. Using this on the while traveling is handy for both keeping an eye on your weight, and for weighing your luggage. It can handle up to 330lbs of weight, just enough for my travel shoe collection. It is easy to operate, with a tap the red LED light appears and is functional. This is a great affordable add on for your portable gym at $29.99. A small price to pay for not having to use a public scale.


Trade in the Balance Ball for a Balance Disc


carpet 6 Ways to Stay Sexy on the Road with a Travel Sized Gym

Blowing up an Exercise Ball everytime you travel is just not pleasant. An excellent replacement is a Balance Disc. Coming in at roughly a foot in diameter, it is small, light, and easy to inflate. It provides a similar challenge as a balance ball, but in a smaller form. Movements like push-ups, one legged squats, or even yoga moves, can be heightened in intensity by using this. The AeroMat variety also offers a 24” diameter option. Ranging from $29.99 to $59.99 depending on size.


Resistance Bands, Bodylastics

Screen shot 2013 07 31 at 1.39 6 Ways to Stay Sexy on the Road with a Travel Sized Gym

The king of simple, portable fitness gear is the resistance band. It can provide endless combos of workout routines in such a small package. The key is finding a good pair that won’t snap on you. The Bodylastics use a snap resistant design, that is far more durable then other ones on the market. As with many of these band packages, access to workout videos and workout routines are available. Thousands of combos using just these bands, will keep you in a good routine, never bored. These go for about $36.


Water Weight Dumbbells, AquaBells


weights 6 Ways to Stay Sexy on the Road with a Travel Sized Gym

If you really don’t like the feel of bands and prefer trusty barbells, an easy travel option is water dumbbells. These can be filled with water for a total weight of 16 pounds per dumbbell. Deflated, this set travels for a collective weight of 1 pound! The only downside to these is the cheese factor. Don’t worry no one will see you in your hotel room. Hopefully. Aquabells retail for $46.


A Fitness Tracker, Fitbit One

fitbit 6 Ways to Stay Sexy on the Road with a Travel Sized Gym

A hectic travel schedule leaves little room for regularity. It can be tough to consciously keep a good routine of healthful eating and exercise, which is why a fitness tracker can be the nagging personal trainer you don’t have. Keep track of how you are eating, calorie burning, and exercise habits, so that you can improve. It also has a side benefit of tracking your sleep and a silent vibrating alarm so you don’t wake your partner up. We recently reviewed the Fitbit One. $99.99.


PushXpro, Balance Push Up Bars


Screen shot 2013 07 31 at 1.32.19 PM 620x303 6 Ways to Stay Sexy on the Road with a Travel Sized Gym

Think of this as a push-up bar, combined with a balance ball. These will engage dynamic muscles in new ways, as your body fights eccentric forces to stay in position. And they can slide around as you wish, due to their curved bottom, allowing for a variety of exercises beyond the push-up. Using these will reduce the load and stress in your wrists and joints, because it allows for natural rotation. That’s good news for those with wrist and joint problems. These will be out soon but are available for pre-order on Kickstarter.


Bonus: Jump Rope, Valeo Speed Rope

rope 620x377 6 Ways to Stay Sexy on the Road with a Travel Sized Gym

Small, light, and compact, this is a great add on for Cardio in a small space like a hotel or a dorm room. Create a circuit routine using this for cardio and resistance bands for strengthening. Best of all, it is only $8.

The key to streamlining and minimizing workout tech is to focus on exercises and tech that optimizes your body’s abilities to strengthen itself. Very little equipment is required to stay truly fit, most of all determination and a little planning.