Snooki’s Headphones Finally Arrive as Snooki Couture by Nicole Polizzi

screenshot_1545Well, Snooki announced that she would be coming out with her own brand of headphones at CES, and now she’s delivering. Except, you know, that was CES of 2012, over one and a half years ago. Better late than never?

The little headphones that could will be available on September 20th, exclusive to Walgreens, of all places. They have Walgreens on the Jersey Shore, right? There will be headphones and earphones that come out under the Snooki Couture by Nicole Polizzi name, which will be made by iHip. And, they’re all about the animal prints, with a zebra pattern on the earphones and leopard print on the headphones. The headphones try to go more the way of fashion accessory, being made to look like a headband with a leopard print bow off to the side. The headphone/headband part looks a little uncomfortable to wear, but who knows? We are certainly digging that bow!

There will be other accessories in the Snooki Couture line, like cases. Once the whole family descends upon us on September 20th, products in the line will sell for between $25 and $60. The wait is finally over?

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