SOL Republic DECK Wireless Speaker Matches the Moto X

What’s a smartphone reveal without the accompanying train of accessories? Moto X delivers, with Motorola and SOL Republic announcing that they have joined forces to support Google’s crack at a trendy phone with a bunch of extra goodies. The result is the DECK Wireless Speaker, a portable speaker with big sound, big range, and no wires.

The DECK Wireless Speaker is small and thin enough to slip into a pocket, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from the sound. There’s a bass port on the bottom, and the entire spectrum of sounds coming from the drivers up top is strong and emanates in 360 degrees, thanks to a high-watt amplifier. The speaker also has an indoors voice – in indoors mode, the sound won’t travel as far, with outdoors mode providing an added boost. You can also pump up the volume by daisy-chaining multiple DECK speakers together using stereo in and out ports.

Connecting to the speaker can be done using NFC or Bluetooth. Once connected, the effective range between speaker and device is up to 300 feet – yes, that’s an entire football field. And, as kind of a fun twist, there’s Heist mode – up to five devices can be connected to DECK at one time. At any point, anyone can wrest control of DECK just by playing a new song off their own device. So, if one of your friends starts blasting Wang Chung, you won’t be powerless to stop them. The SOL logo on the back will even change color to indicate who has control of the speaker.

Speaking of colors, DECK will come in all the colors the new Moto X comes in, so you can mix and match. The DECK Wireless Speaker will retail for $199 when it goes on sale at the end of the month.




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