Sponsored Video: “Straight Primpin’” is a Hot Mess of Awesome Thanks to Macklemore Director

There are a few things, a precious few, that make everything around them better, just by their presence. They can make the awful bearable, or can make the already great rise to another level. Nights are made that much sweeter on account of their mere existence.

One of those things is alcohol. Another, Pomeranians. This video has both.

But, you know alcohol is easy to find. You can go down to the 7-Eleven and go get some right now. You can’t pick up a Pomeranian at the local 7-Eleven, though. And, the Straight Primpin’ video from Smirnoff Ice doesn’t just have any Pomeranian – we’re talking about Tumblr (!) celebrity Tommy Pom, the legendary party Pomeranian known to cruise around Tumblr headquarters like a VIP. Tommy, along with the ladies, gets himself done up right for a big night of drankin’, dancing, and cheese. But I hope Tommy doesn’t partake too much in the cheese, because maybe that’s not good for dogs and it might mess with that luscious mane of his. I guess that’s also true of the drankin’. He can dance all he wants to, though.

Anyway, Tommy joins a raucous party of people young and old sucking down Smirnoff Ice like they were bros down on one knee. We could sit here and talk about other reasons to watch the video, like learning the sacred secrets of pre-party primping or watching the elderly get excited about late-night debauchery. But, since when did anyone need extra motivation to go look at a Pomeranian roam around and look cute for a few minutes? And one extra tidbit, the video is directed by the same gentleman who brought the world Thrift Shop from Macklemore. Now if that doesn’t get you to press play, then what will?

This video is brought to you by Smirnoff Ice. All thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.

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