The TARDIS Has Landed in London, According to Google Street View


We know that recently, Google has extended Street View into the insides of some buildings, like restaurants or museums. Well, now you can even look inside an old police box in London, right outside the Earl’s Court Underground Station. A blue one. Turns out, it’s a lot bigger on the inside than it looks.


In celebration of 50 years of Doctor Who, Google has tracked down the Doctor’s TARDIS, right outside that Underground station. Intrepid Google employees must have somehow sneaked into the TARDIS and shot pictures. Their jaunt must not have lasted long – if you explore the TARDIS using Street View, you can only see the very inside, plus all the corridors shooting off toward the many amenities the TARDIS has to offer.


I imagine the next step will be for Yelp to allow check-ins. And that’s going to be awesome, because that is going to be one fierce battle to become the Duke of TARDIS.

Via The Daily Mail

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