TheQ is a Cheap 3G Connected Camera for Instant Uploads

The camera game is a tough one to break into these days, but the people behind theQ think they have something that can hack it with a different approach. What it lacks in raw specs, theQ tries to make up for with ease of use, social networking features, and a few other odds and ends that make photography, above all, fast and fun.

Maybe the key feature of theQ is one-button sharing to Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr – it circumvents needing extra on-board storage (there is 2 GB, though) by uploading everything online immediately. You can upload either to your social networks or to a private theQ LAB archive, which will have unlimited storage. All of this uploading can be done over 3G, but you’ll need to supply the SIM card for that.

The camera itself is a 5 MP offering, with a 24mm lens and F2.4 aperture. There’s also a manual focus ring, if you want to play around with your pictures a little. Another ingenious little addition is a second shutter button – one is for pictures with flash, the other for pictures without flash. The flash isn’t you standard flash, either – instead of a little box in the top corner, the flash is a ring that completely encircles the lens, providing even lighting. There are three pre-set capture modes, and after you snap, you can apply filters using theQ’s 2.7” display. Up top is a manual viewfinder.

So, yeah, there are some smartphones that have better cameras, but theQ has some other tricks up its sleeves. For one, it’s waterproof, so you can take it where most smartphones can’t go. It’s pocket-sized, at 3” x 4”, and tiny enough to put on your keyring. In fact, the place where the flash would normally be is instead left open just for this purpose. It also comes in nine different colors – Aqua, Ketchup, It’s My Jam, Mustard, Berry Fields, Ice Baby, Cupcake, Peppermint, Coffee Black. You can pre-order theQ now for about $200.

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