Torques are the Most Customizable Headphones Ever, But You’ll Never Guess Why

Usually, about the only thing you can customize on your earphones is what size ear tips you want to use. Not so with the Torque Premium In-Ear Headphones, which come with interchangeable valves tailored to different musical preferences.

The Torque headphones use Torque’s own Passive Acoustic Valve Technology and interchangeable valves called TorqueValves to put a new twist on earphones. When you buy a pair, you’ll receive three of those valves, plus a TorqueValet that allows for easy switching and includes a wrench, if you need to use it. You’ll get a reference valve, a deep valve, and a clear valve. The reference valve will be the more balanced of the three, while the deep valve will emphasize lows and the clear valve will emphasize highs.

The earphones also have noise isolation technology and an in-line microphone made ready for iOS devices. Oh, and there will still be different-sized silicone ear tips, too.

The Torque Z Series t103z in-ear headphones will be $180 when they become available. Torque’s online shop isn’t up yet, but you can keep an eye on their website if you’re interested in updates, and we’ll also have a review up of these unusual headphones soon.