Violent Lips Tattoos Your Lips Without the Pain

FloralForget about the whole process of applying makeup – temporary tattoos have migrated northward to the lips and eyes. Violent Lips is a new brand of temporary tattoos designed to replicate the effect of cosmetics, but in all kinds of new and wonderful ways that would take a professional to pull off with regular makeup.

Violent Lips and Violent Eyes aren’t much different than temporary tattoos. The difference is that for these, you need to measure up the Violent Lips or Eyes to your face, and cut them to fit. Then, apply water with a cotton ball, and you’re all set. They last between four and eight hours, so enough for a night out. As long as you keep them away from oils or greasy foods, they’ll stay on and look great – aside from the designs, they look just like regular makeup.


For sports fans, the Game Day line has just been released for lips. The lips are made to look a little like the topside of a football helmet, with enough color combinations to suit quite a few (but far from all, yet) professional teams.

Violent Lips and Violent Eyes come in packs of three, and cost $10 each. The Game Day collection also comes in packs of three, but costs just $8 per pack.



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