Bella J is the Willy Wonka of Candles

Indeed they are, but you won’t find golden tickets once you melt these down. Take off the ‘-en ticket’ part, and you’re a little closer to the truth.

Bella J Candles could rival Willy Wonka just on variety of aromas alone, but the secret surprises inside are what really seals the deal. Once you get a Bella J candle and melt it down, you’ll find a charm inside. Could be made of gold, or silver, or have diamonds on it, but you’ll definitely get something to add to your bracelet/necklace/whatever you put your charms on. Some will be especially rich surprises, with pieces worth up to $1,000 in the mix. There’s even a diamond worth $10,000 lurking in one of these candles! This is almost as exciting as hunting for Boardwalk during the Monopoly Game at McDonalds.

Each candle sells for $25. And, you don’t need to wait to burn through the whole thing before you get your charm – about halfway down, you’ll see a pouch you can pull out. Probably want to put the flame out first, though.


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