BeLuvv Guardian is a Child Safety Leash with App Alerts

If you’re tired of waking up in a cold sweat because you had the lost kid in the mall nightmare for the umpteenth time, you should know there are tons of child trackers on the market now. And they are so, so much more socially acceptable than child leashes. So much more.

The newest one, BeLuvv’s Guardian, adds in a controlled social element to the mix. The Guardian itself is a small round device that fits into either a child-sized bracelet or buckle. The device works with an app to inform you exactly where your child is on a map, and how far away they are from you. That last bit is crucial – you can set a safety zone with you at the center, and program the app to alert you if your child wanders a certain distance away from you.


You can also get other trusted contacts to download the app, then designate them as Guardians for your child alongside you. That way, if your child is going to be spending time with, say, a friend, you can have the friend’s parents get the app, so they can keep tabs. A perhaps dicier option, in emergency situations where your child has gone missing, is to opt to notify everyone in the area who has the Guardian app, so they can help track down your child for you. I’m sure you can imagine more than a few reasons why that might be a risky proposition, but at least the option is yours as to whether or not you want to divulge that kind of information about your kid’s location.

You can pre-order Guardian now for $25, a discount from the eventual retail price of $30. The Guardian app is free, but its currently only available for iOS.


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