Bleep Bleeps Are Adorable Ovulation Companions


There have been a lot of little gadgets released to help with parenting that work with apps to help track data and keep things organized. But, there have been few comprehensive attempts that try to help you go from pregnancy to child-rearing with one set of products. That’s what Bleep Bleeps try to do.

Bleep Bleeps are a set of eight simple devices that track or record one piece of information, and store that information in an app using a Bluetooth connection. They’re all designed cleverly, with different shapes, faces, and colors that make them look both distinctive and family-friendly, especially for young children. Hey, two of them even class it up with a monocle and a bow tie.


Bleep Bleeps actually get you started on the parenting puzzle before conception. Two of the team – the spectacularly named Olivia P. Sticks and Master Bates, are an ovulation tester and a sperm count tester, which help out in the pre-conception phase. Ultra Stan, the green guy with the big nose, is a home ultrasound, although it’s probably advisable not to use him very often. The rest of the team – Lilly Loco, David Camera, Cecil G, Sally Screamer, and Tony Tempa – are all for use after your baby has been born. Cecil G and Lilly Loco are GPS tracking devices, with Cecil G coming in bracelet form. The respectable, monocled David Camera is your baby monitor, while Sally Screamer is a motion detector to put in your buggy, stroller, or crib, to notify you if one of those things starts drifting off with your baby inside. Tony Tempa is a simple ear thermometer, which displays the temperature on the device and on the app.


Bleep Bleeps are rolling out gradually, with Tony Tempa being the first one slated to become available. They all come in a variety of colors besides the defaults on the website. The app, which will be available for iOS and Android, will work with all eight devices, and will allow you to track data over time and to send and receive alerts (with Olivia P. Sticks, for example, you can alert your significant other that you’re ovulating). Keep an eye out for more information about Bleep Bleeps in the weeks to come, or you can sign up for email notifications on their website.

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