Breaking Bad App Helps Those Suffering From Finale Withdrawal

badBreaking Bad, the show that got everyone excited about meth for all the right reasons, came to a close last night. And, since this just did take place last night, I’m going to go ahead and leave this one spoiler free. I feel like even saying that it ended is going to provoke a spoiler accusation from someone who still thought a super-secret surprise sixth season was in the offing.

Suffice it to say it ended, and you’re going to be sad that old Walt and Jesse won’t be cooking up good times on the television screen anymore. If you’re really, really desperate for anything Breaking Bad (addictions, you know), you can kinda get your fix with this Breaking Bad app. It’s not on Blue Sky’s level or anything, but it will let you put up your name in the style of the Breaking Bad title screen, complete with the smoke background and the chemical symbols. You can use other backgrounds, too, but why? Supposedly, the app find any possible chemical symbols contained in your name and replace them. I’m guessing the app just limits that to one symbol per name to avoid overkill. That, or this app doesn’t like gold.

In a business move that Heisenbreg probably would not approve of, the market for this app is limited to iOS users. It is also free.

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