Brenthaven Collins Sleeve Plus Laptop Bag Review

Looking for a laptop bag with almost the same dimensions as a sleeve? Want something stylish, comfortable, and most importantly, sleek? Well the Brenthaven Collins Sleeve Plus bag might be your new best friend.


Large enough to accommodate a 15.4 inch  MacBook Pro and any number of smaller laptops,you might say that the Collins Sleeve Plus is the Mary Poppins of laptop bags. The initial impression is one of business casual, with its charcoal grey exterior trimmed in PVC  and black cord finishes. The inside has a clean grey and white pinstripe design,  and includes a laptop pocket, a section for papers and a smaller ‘tablet’ pocket. The bag uses a small metal hook  to close, and there is something delightfully high school about that feature. It also features an outside zip pocket for easy access to small valuables. The laptop pocket itself is made of high density foam to keep your laptop cushioned and the tablet pocket has additional cushioning as well.

Daily Use

The Collins Sleeve Plus bag is comfortable to carry around.  That said, an extra bit of cushioning on the strap would have been nice as that would add to the comfort. Also, the design is subtle enough to blend into the workplace, while also stylish enough to transition from office to bar without feeling self conscious.

The Brenthaven Collins Sleeve Plus bag is a comfortable every day laptop carrying case that looks both professional and stylish. It also packs in plenty of room for you to carry your laptop and accessories. You can pick it up for $59.95.

Buy it!

The Good: Roomy, stylish, comfortable to carry, very sturdy, good pricing.
The Bad: An extra closure would have been nice, as well as a choice of colors.


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