Brooklyn Defender Will Save You From Thirst at New York Comic Con


Move over, Duffman, there’s a new superhero rising to the defense of good times and good brews. The Brooklyn Defender is on the prowl, making sure the good people of New York never go thirsty (or worse, never have to order a Coors) again.

New York Comic Con is coming this October, and the Brooklyn Brewery has decided to celebrate the occasion with a brand new brew – Brooklyn Defender. Brooklyn Defender is described as an American Black Ale with a hoppy finish. It’s also described as a masked vigilante with a green cape, striking down the nasty brews populating your average bar on any given night. Truly, the hero Gotham deserves, and the one it needs right now.

The Brooklyn Defender himself was drawn by Cliff Chiang, who has done work on Wonder Woman and Batman. The Defender’s origin story kicks off on September 21, when there will be a release party followed by the availability of Brooklyn Defender in restaurants and bars all over the city. There will be pint nights where Brooklyn Brewery will be giving away free pints and pint glasses with the Defender on them, with the schedule as follows:

  • September 24 – Barcade Brooklyn (388 Union Ave, Brooklyn NY 11211), 5pm
  • September 26 – Pony Bar UES (1444 1st Ave. at 75th St, New York, NY 10036), 7pm
  • October 1 – Pine Box Rock Shop (12 Grattan St, Brooklyn, NY 11206), 8pm
  • October 3 – Flying Pig (70-28 Austin St, Forest Hills NY, 11375), 7pm
  • October 7 – Owl Farm (297 9th St Brooklyn, NY 11215), 7pm
  • October 10 – Beer Culture (328 W 45th St New York, 10036), 7pm

This all leads to New York Comic Con, when there will be special food and drink deals where you can still get free Brooklyn Defender swag. So, get ready to raise a toast to the latest, greatest superhero later this month. The world will, doubtless, rest a little easier.

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