Cassette Table Features ’80s and ’90s Music Bliss

tableRejoice! The world just won’t stop trying to fulfill your insatiable hunger for retro-styled anything and everything. Today, we have the Cassette Console Table, which has all the trappings of the racks and racks of cassette tapes you used to comb through at the record store trying to find a $0.99 Peter Frampton tape or something.

Unfortunately, trappings is all this one has to offer. The table is actually made of plywood, with an ebony stain on the legs. The centerpiece is the digital image wrap of scores of cassette tape holders – it’s enough to make you wish they had just come out with a basin-style table that you could just put all of your tapes into. Instead, you just get the design. From the pictures, it’s a little hard to tell who’s getting represented, but I was able to make out some Bad Brains in there, so at least I know they aren’t just making stuff up for the sake of retro. The poly resin coated seals the deal on what aspires to be a fine piece of furniture.


You can tell it aspires to be a fine piece of furniture because of the price. The Cassette Console Table will set you back $1,200.

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