You Don’t Know Jack Party Game for TV Uses iPhone as a Controller

photo (3)You Don’t Know Jack is continuing its triumphant return with an iOS iteration. Of course, that raises the question – what is a party game doing on a tiny smartphone screen? Doesn’t seem very conducive to a party.

Enter Apple TV. If you have Apple TV, you can play You Don’t Know Jack Party for the iOS on the big screen of your television. Using AirPlay, everyone can use their own iPhones or iPads as controllers, while your TV serves as the main screen. So, if you’re an Apple fan, and you only associate with Apple fans, there you go – the perfect party game for you.

If you don’t have Apple TV, you can still play the game using an iPad or iPhone as the main screen for the game, but that’s much less party-like. What is wonderfully party-like is that the game is free. It’s actually just like the Ouya release – you get one 11-question episode for free, and there are 30 other episodes available as in-app purchases.


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