New Evernote Market Sells Scanners and Socks?!

Apparently not content to just let you organize your notes, Evernote has begun to hustle, picking up extra money on the side by selling all kinds of products. Hybrid scanner-organizer? Sure. Stylus? They have those. Wallets? Socks? Yup.


With their new Evernote Market, Evernote is trying to become purveyor of all things office. All of their new products are being made in conjunction with other specialized companies, from those in the electronics industry to those in the fashion industry. For example, they partnered up with Fujitsu to create the ScanSnap Evernote Edition, a scanner that will automatically organize papers into your designated Evernote notebooks. For example, you can scan a bunch of receipts, and the scanner will be able to identify them as receipts, then put them in the notebook where you keep all of your receipts. It works the same way with documents, photos, and business cards.


With Adonit, Evernote helped to create Jot Script, a precision-point stylus. It’s designed to work with Penultimate, the Evernote app made for translating handwritten notes on a tablet or smartphone into documents.

So, those two you might have expected from Evernote. But, they didn’t stop there. There are socks, wallets, backpacks, and laptop sleeves, along with a new set of Evernote-branded Moleskine notebooks. Everything has the elephant somewhere on it, so it’s almost like Evernote is trying to make itself into a lifestyle brand. You can hit the Evernote Market now to see everything they have to offer – so far. Who knows what we’ll be seeing in the months to come?


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