In France, Even the Fire Extinguishers Look Like Wine

Designer fire extinguishers? Yeah, sure, why not?

That’s what Fire Design, a company based in France, is doing. I guess everyone before just assumed that they had to be red, but these rebels are bucking the established order, allowing you to put whatever you desire on your new fire extinguisher. They have a surprisingly wide variety available, too. There are more artistic designs, but you can also opt for simple, plain fire extinguishers that come in a variety of colors. For a little extra, you can get one with a polished fine metal exterior, like chrome. They even have loft fire extinguishers, with the hose attached to the sprayer. But our favorites are the fire extinguishers that they have designed to look just like wine bottles.

If none of those do it for you, you can also submit your own image to Fire Design, for use on a custom piece. Prices range from €88 ($116) to €270 ($357), and the units ship within about two weeks of an order being put in. There are also flash sales you can check out, if you’re hoping to get a discount on one of the more expensive models.

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