Fuser is a Sound Mixer with Eavesdropping Capability


You hear a lot about headphones touting advanced noise cancellation technology, but an audio product that amplifies the noise that’s not coming from your mp3 player? A little less common.

But, that’s what Fuser is. Fuser is a little device that acts as a bridge between your headphones and mp3 player, with two 35 mm jacks serving as the pathway. The device takes in the background sounds of your surroundings and mixes it in with the music you’re listening to. So, instead of being totally in your own little musical world, you’ll be able to hear other people when they’re talking or, more importantly, hear oncoming traffic while still listening to your music. It’s like having background music for your life, and who hasn’t wanted that?

Using Fuser, you can adjust the relative levels of music and background audio. You can completely mute either one, or turn up or down background audio at your discretion. Apparently, it’s good enough to where you can listen to music and carry on a conversation at the same time, although I guess the music would still be a little distracting, and you would still probably talk a little too loudly. Battery life is robust, giving you a solid 10 hours on a full charge.

Fuser is normally $50, but you can get it now for $30.

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