Helmet Umbrella Readies You For War on Rain


When it rains, it often feels like we are going to war. Between fighting the uncontrollable wind or slanted rain, we always manage to get soaked before an important meeting. Needless to say, when it rains it is usually far from a pleasant experience, and when you don’t have a good umbrella it just makes it even worse. So for those who consider walking in a pouring rain a true battle – there is literally a Helmet Umbrella for you. The Helmet Umbrella is an umbrella designed to look like a huge camouflage helmet you would find on a soldier. Because the samurai handle umbrella is so last year!


The Helmet Umbrella will cover your entire body, but it won’t camouflage you from looking like a complete idiot when walking down the street. And the best part? It can certainly double as a Halloween costume. The rain drops will never see you coming.

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