IFA 2013: 5 Must Haves For Women

There were are over 1,400 exhibitors at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin displaying the latest tech innovations from convertible laptops to UHD to 4K to 3D printing. In fact, on display were enough TV’s and soundbars to fill a man-cave! However, amongst the rubble there were also a few items that caught our eye because they offered unique technology designed for a woman to appreciate.

My Kronoz


Samsung and Qualcomm are not the only tech companies coming out with a Smartwatch that turns your wrist into Dick Tracy. A company called My Kronoz is coming out with a Smartwatch that looks like a beautiful ladies bracelet.

The ZeBracelet (ok, it has a funny name but hey, they’re from Switzerland) has a built-in mic and speaker to answer calls from your phone via Bluetooth. It rings and vibrates to alert you to a call or message which appears on the OLED touchscreen. Better yet, the black and gold cuff bracelet looks gorgeous on your wrist and costs less than half the price of the GALAXY Gear. Can we say Smartbracelet!

Home Cooker Next

We’re not saying the Philips Wi-Fi connected Home Cooker will appeal only to women. We just really think women who enjoy cooking are going to like this helping hand. Imagine having someone in the kitchen who will read your recipes and stir for you as needed, while you’re off entertaining your guests.

The Home Cooker connects to your iPad or other device using Wi-Fi, reads the Risotto recipe you’re cooking, and stirs every five minutes as instructed. Talk about hands free! Check out the short video to see how the tool inside stirs and cooks for you. It also knows when to turn the heat down and let your meal simmer so you can finish that glass of wine.

Kransen Urbanears


Earbuds are just earbuds, right? Wrong! Manufacturers are finally figuring out women have smaller ear canals and also like keeping their buds in place at the gym. Kransen’s Urban Ears are ergonomically designed to stay in your ear even when you pound the pavement or do your crunches. We like the SnapConstruction which lets you clasp the buds together and wear it like a necklace when you’re not listening to music.

Tado: The Heating App


Tado is a device that connects to your thermostat, detects where you are and sets the temperature based on your desires. How’s that for fanning your flames? Rather than track the usage of the home, like the Nest connected thermostat, it tracks the GPS location of your smartphone, meaning it adjusts to your every move. Say you’re headed home from the office a bit early. Tado knows this and starts warming up the place before you get home.

Hybrid Robotic Vacuum


Oh, how we hate vacuuming and mopping floors. Sure, there are already robotic vacuums like the Roomba from iRobot and there are few robotic floor mops here and there, but Moneual’s MR6600M does it all. It’s the first robotic vacuum cleaner that vacuums and mops the floor for you, with a built-in water tank and microfiber mop pads. No more sticky mess!

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