Inrix Traffic App Puts Google Glass Behind the Wheel


Inrix is looking to corner the market on traffic information by updating their app, slashing the price, and even getting out a working version of the app on the upcoming Google Glass.

The Inrix Traffic App can actually be had for free, with pretty robust functionality. In just the free version, you’ll get personalized traffic maps and travel times based on your routes and tendencies, along with descriptions and sometimes video or pictures of what, exactly, is causing the holdup. Also for free is the ability to find the fastest route to any given destination, based on real-time traffic information. Possibly the coolest feature is departure alerts – based on traffic information, you can enter a destination and when you need to be there. The app will alert you at the time you need to leave, to make sure you get to where you’re going on time.

Upgrading to the premium app, which now costs $9.99 instead of $24.99, nets you unlimited saved places. You’ll also be able to find the nearest gas station at any given place, in case of emergencies.

Inrix is also setting their sights on Google Glass, with a version of the app that will be in the hands of other developers in the next few weeks. A few ideas they’re kicking around are accident reporting using the camera on Google Glass, auto-reroute based on new traffic developments, and a constantly updating ETA card that could be shared with anyone you’re traveling to meet, so they can stay abreast of when you’ll arrive. Say goodbye to the days of phone tag and saying ‘sorry, I’ll be there in five,’ when you’re actually a half hour away.

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