Kensington Proximo Update Keeps Better Track of Your Lost Keys

Earlier this year, we took a look at Kensington Proximo, made up of an app and two devices aimed at eliminating the scourge of forgetting your phone, keys, or whatever other essential stuff you carry around with you. Kensington has just come out with an update to the Proximo app, which includes expanded compatibility and a few new features.

With Proximo, Kensington made it easy to keep track items, or find them if they get lost. If you lost your keys, you could use the app to locate the fob attached to your keys by pushing a button to remotely activate an alarm on the fob. You could also use the fob in ‘Keep’ mode, which would alert you if you walked too far away from your phone. With the combination of ‘Keep’ mode and the app, the idea is that you should never leave anywhere without your essentials again.

The update brings these features to Samsung’s entire slate of Android devices – Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, or Galaxy Tab. There are a lot of new features to be enjoyed, too. You can set your phone to lock once you move far enough away from it, which is exclusive to Samsung devices. You can also tell Proximo to pipe down by creating quiet zones where Proximo’s alerts won’t sound, like if you’re at home or in a meeting. Those quiet zones can either be set to your current location or to a specific point on a map (and a given radius around that point). Battery life on the fob and tag have also been improved. You can also personalize your alarm sounds, but that will cost you via in-app purchase.

The updated Proximo app is available now for iOS and Android, but only for compatible devices.

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