Lenovo Refreshes Their T Line ThinkPad Ultrabooks

lenovoTToday, Lenovo announced a refresh of their T line of ThinkPad ultrabooks, which are geared towards the business crowd. They’re also throwing in another smaller, thinner model called the X240, and they’re all coming at the end of October.

Intel’s new 4th generation core processors will be available across the board, which means that battery life will be a little better than before. But, the battery situation gets even better – probably the most significant development in this refresh is the introduction of hot swapping of external batteries. There are a unified set of external batteries that work with all three ultrabooks – just keep one handy, and you can sub it in on the fly if the first battery starts to fade. All told, Lenovo is saying you can get up to 17 hours worth of life out of their new machines.

The trackpads are 45 percent bigger than previous iterations, as well as about 20 percent thinner. The trackpads are bigger to accommodate the full slate of Windows 8 gestures comfortably. The G-sensor inside reacts to shock, while thermal sensors check for overheating and voltage sensors watch out for current. If any of those sensors are triggered, they’ll automatically take action to physically protect the data stored on your hard drive. That hard drive, by the way, will either be a 1 TB HDD, or a smaller, faster SSD.


The business advantages come in the form of physical security. There’s a biometric fingerprint scanner and tamper detection to secure access to the laptop, and you also have the option of putting a smart card reader on the T series laptops. All of the new laptops have carbon fiber bodies.

The new T series models and the X240 all have HD screens, with 1080p available as an option for the X240 and the T440s. The T series models will be 14”, while the X240 will be 12.5”. Touch will be optional on all models. 4G is an option on the T series, which is kind of funny because it seems like that would be more useful for the X240, which is being marketed as the more mobile, lightweight option.

The ThinkPad T440, T440s, and X240 will all hit stores at the end of October, starting at $900, $1,150, and $1,100, respectively.

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