Batman Meets Lexus in LF-NX Hybrid Concept


Lexus has been big on their hybrid concept cars lately. Their newest one merges the worlds of hybrids and SUVs, resulting in the LF-NX crossover hybrid concept, which looks – well, it certainly looks distinctive, that much can be said.

The LF-NX hybrid concept is making its debut now at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which kicked off on Tuesday. It’s definitely Lexus – a vague hint of luxury and their now trademark spindle grille in the front, which is particularly hard to miss on this one. Three diamond-shaped headlights are joined by a set of daytime running lights and an LED strip for turn signal lights. On the back, there is no visible exhaust system, to really drive home the eco-friendly point (although it’s just a hybrid, and will still generate emissions).

The vehicle looks a little flatter than a normal SUV – really, it looks like the top of a sedan plopped down onto the chassis of an SUV, hence the crossover name. Lexus did their best to give the exterior a seamless look – I guess trying to emulate the unibody design that so many smartphones go for now.

This is a hybrid, so it will still have a gas engine – specifically, a 2.5-liter, four-cylinder Atkinson cycle gas engine. And, like most hybrids, the LF-NX can run solely on its electric motor at low speeds.

On the inside, you’ll find black and sunrise yellow upholstery, with blue lighting on the mechanical bits. The cabin features a display, with Lexus’ Remote Touch Interface right below it for more precise controls.

The whole design is a combination of flowing curves and sharp edges, which is supposed to give off a feeling of dynamic, youthful city life. I’m not sure if this chrome-colored hulk will do that for you, but if it’s supposed to be a vehicle of the future, it at least looks the part.

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