Batman Meets Lexus in LF-NX Hybrid Concept

lexus lf nx concept 02 620x413 Batman Meets Lexus in LF NX Hybrid Concept

Lexus has been big on their hybrid concept cars lately. Their newest one merges the worlds of hybrids and SUVs, resulting in the LF-NX crossover hybrid concept, which looks – well, it certainly looks distinctive, that much can be said.

The LF-NX hybrid concept is making its debut now at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which kicked off on Tuesday. It’s definitely Lexus – a vague hint of luxury and their now trademark spindle grille in the front, which is particularly hard to miss on this one. Three diamond-shaped headlights are joined by a set of daytime running lights and an LED strip for turn signal lights. On the back, there is no visible exhaust system, to really drive home the eco-friendly point (although it’s just a hybrid, and will still generate emissions).

The vehicle looks a little flatter than a normal SUV – really, it looks like the top of a sedan plopped down onto the chassis of an SUV, hence the crossover name. Lexus did their best to give the exterior a seamless look – I guess trying to emulate the unibody design that so many smartphones go for now.

This is a hybrid, so it will still have a gas engine – specifically, a 2.5-liter, four-cylinder Atkinson cycle gas engine. And, like most hybrids, the LF-NX can run solely on its electric motor at low speeds.

On the inside, you’ll find black and sunrise yellow upholstery, with blue lighting on the mechanical bits. The cabin features a display, with Lexus’ Remote Touch Interface right below it for more precise controls.

The whole design is a combination of flowing curves and sharp edges, which is supposed to give off a feeling of dynamic, youthful city life. I’m not sure if this chrome-colored hulk will do that for you, but if it’s supposed to be a vehicle of the future, it at least looks the part.