Sick of Miley Cyrus? There is an App for That!


There are two kinds of negative reactions to Internet Things. One is passive – just try your best to avoid the Thing as best as possible, keeping your head down and avoiding the click-bait (not including this post, of course) and outrage, as hard as the Internet makes it to do that. Then, there’s slightly more fun option of active disdain, usually involving snarky Reddit posts and unintelligible YouTube comments, because admit it, being Internet outraged is kind of fun.

So, the latest Internet Thing is Miley Cyrus, and goodness, we haven’t had a whirling dervish of bellowing rage on the tubes like this since Disney bought Star Wars (alright, I guess that wasn’t really that long ago). Well, consider your lust for all things anti-Miley sated – a gifted team of developers has made the impossible possible, and have joined together passive and active Internet reactions. Yes, that, right, there’s finally a Chrome extension for passive aggression.

The No Cyrus Chrome extension simply censors every mention of Miley Cyrus on the Internet. Completely wiped out, just like ‘We Can’t Stop’ will be wiped from the collective consciousness in six months, one year tops. As a bonus, all mentions of ‘twerk’ and ‘twerking’ also get visited by the good ship censor. And, because she’s still sticking around as the queen of Internet loathing (like the dull pain of a months-long toothache), the extension also blocks out Kim Kardashian’s name. Actually, it just blocks out the name ‘Kardashian’ completely, because you might as well cover the whole family.

But be warned! Caps count, so MILEY CYRUS will still get through. And only searches done using the address bar will be filtered – searches done using the search bar are unprotected! Someone, alert the developers. I’m too busy seething.

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