MOS Magnetic Organization System Review – Keep Them Cables Tidy

Cord management (ugh)… do you have a good system? Probably not, there’s few people who do. I’ve convinced myself that my slew of bed-side and desk-top cables have a certain unrefined elegance to them (they don’t, it’s a nightmare). MOS Organizer has been my first attempt at a solution, and so far it’s been pretty darn helpful. MOS, or Magnetic Organization System, takes an Apple-y approach to keeping your desk clutter-free, minimalistic, and beautiful.

The MOS Organizer is a magnetic triangle available in clean and dense white or black plastic, or in a slightly more expensive aluminum. The triangle tapers down towards the corners and seriously looks like the offspring of an Apple device. MOS can either sit on your desk, or stick to the side of your desk with the included adhesive sticker. The bottom has a micro-suction grip that keeps it from slipping or pulling off the desk. The micro-suction grip is almost strong enough to stick MOS to the wall as-is, but cords will ultimately pull it down–so use the included adhesive sticker. The aluminum has a much easier time staying put on the desk since it has the heft of a paperweight.

There’s various magnetic points across the device where cables are naturally want to sit. Of course, not all cables will be attracted to magnets (they usually need a metal casing), MOS includes magnetic cable ties, which clasp around most any cable, thick and thin. MOS comes with 3 of these cable ties.

The best part of MOS is getting creative with it. Make it your own, use it how you like. If you want a dedicated place to throw your keys, do it! If you want to see how many cables you can get it to hold, go nuts! There’s a lot of flexibility in the device.

Cord Management isn’t easy or fun, or at least that’s what we thought. MOS has been a big step towards an uncluttered desk (plus it’s fun to play with its magnetic powers). Take control of your desk. The MOS Organizer is currently available from Amazon.com for the ripe price of $19.99 in black or white. The aluminum model, which has a much more premium look and feel, is available for $39.99.

Buy it!

The Good: Makes cord management easy and fun, Includes cord clips for non-magnetic cables, Can stick to wall
The Bad: You don’t know what cord tie color you’ll receive

Update 9/23/2013: Going forward, the MOS will come standard with blue cord ties.

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