NeatConnect Takes Your Receipts to the Cloud

neatconnectIn the habit of saving all of your receipts and old bills so you can get that rush of satisfaction when, two years from now, you’ll need your electricity bill from July 2006, and you’ll totally still have it? Well, the good news is that your habits no longer require an entire room devoted to filing cabinets. There’s plenty of software, both offline and online, that help you keep track of all that stuff digitally, so you can go ahead and try to set the record for the world’s longest bonfire.

Making the transition from paper to digital even easier is NeatConnect. NeatConnect is a new scanning device that works with NeatCloud, an online subscription-based service that allows you to save and organize scanned copies of receipts and documents on the cloud. Neat has put out scanners before, but NeatConnect goes a little further by taking out the middleman – instead of scanning receipts and manually uploading them to the cloud, you can now scan directly to the cloud, thanks to NeatConnect’s Wi-Fi capabilities. And, it doesn’t just work with NeatCloud – using the touchscreen on the scanner, you can email documents or send them to any number of cloud services, including Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, SkyDrive, and Evernote.


When you scan something using NeatConnect, the document is automatically put through optical character recognition (OCR) software. That means that after the scan, you can edit all of those documents and search them by keyword. Additionally, you can organize those files, view them on NeatConnect, sync documents across multiple devices, or send expense reports to accounting software.

The latest and greatest receipt scanner will be available online and in stores in October, with a $500 asking price from Neat. That asking price will include a three-month subscription to NeatCloud for two users.

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