Paperback Adds REAL Sticky Notes to Your iPhone

PAPERBACK-deskThe sticky note is alive and well, and it’s coming back to roost right in its main competitor’s backyard.

Paperback is a ream of 80 sheets of sticky notes that fit right on the back of an iPhone 5. It’s only fitting that the iPhone – the thing that put sticky notes on the endangered species list in the first place – should have to carry around those same sticky notes on its back. You can choose to take just one leaf off and stick it to the back of your iPhone, or stick the whole stack on there if you’re a big note-taker.

Which raises the question of why, but that’s easy enough to answer. Technology is amazing, but in terms of speed and flexibility, nothing yet beats jotting down something by hand. That, and how often do you actually remember to go back and check the notes you leave on your iPhone? Probably not a great track record. At least with these, you can stick them to your forehead or something, if your memory is really abject.

One pad of 80 sheets of Paperback costs about $8 from iLoveHandles.


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