Philips Laser Beard Trimmer Safely Guides a Laser to Your Throat


While other companies at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin were showing off Ultra HD TVs, curved OLED screens, smart watches and waterproof smartphones, Phillips got down to what was really important in life; men’s grooming products.

Meet the first laser guided beard trimmer, designed to give men a perfectly sculpted shave each and every time.

For those obsessed with straight lines and edges, the Beard Trimmer 9000 uses a laser to help guide you through the perfect shave. Hold it up to where you think you want to start, and it projects a sharp red line across your neck, face, or any other area you’re shaving.


I got a demo at the IFA show, and for a generation raised on tech and laser beams, this seems like a great way to get the perfect goatee.

The razor has 17 different length settings so serious groomers can set their preferred trim length. There’s a zoom wheel on the handle with an LED display to dial-up or dial down the length.

The razor is waterproof so you can clean it and the rechargeable battery is designed to last an hour. In case you need any inspiration, Philips also announced a digital grooming guide to help men visualize how they would look different facial hair styles. Use it on a smartphone or tablet and see what you’d look like with a full beard or perhaps a 5:00 shadow.


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