Philips Sonicare Airfloss Makes Flossing Fun: Review


Flossing, it can be such a pain. You take that slippery wax string and slide it up and down in between your teeth, and the dirt usually ends up on your medicine cabinet mirror. So the reality is, that while it’s nice in theory, how many of us religiously floss? I know of a few who only put the effort into doing this task an hour or so before their annual checkup with the dentist.


So enters the Philips Airfloss, an electric flosser that takes flossing in between your gnarly teeth to new heights. So so long white string – and hello to nozzles that burst water or mouthwash in between your teeth. The Airfloss is designed very similarly to the rest of Philips mouth care products. To that effect, it sports a solid construction with a porcelain feel to the touch. It’s comfortable, ergonomic to hold, and screams love me and put me in your mouth.


That said, Philips Airfloss is definitely an ambitious product. It looks to transform the mundane flossing ritual to something high tech and a bit fun. However, the device itself tries hard, but falls short on a few points. The nozzle that will blow the dirt away from in between your teeth is just one size. And we all know, nobody has the same space between their teeth. So those with crowded teeth might have difficulty getting this to work appropriately for them. The battery on the device also drains pretty fast, which means you will have to charge it more frequently. Fortunately it does share the same charging base as the other Philips Sonicare products. Lastly, the reservoir that stores either water or mouthwash is not very big, and empties quickly depending how much you are rapid firing between your teeth.

While the Airfloss might be far from perfect, it does make your mouth feel clean after shooting away particles of meat, bread, and cheese left behind from delicious meals. It also leaves a pretty big mess on your mirror (dagnabbit) if you want to watch the magic as it happens. The spray from the Airfloss just goes everywhere, so you’ll want to keep some paper towels handy.

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The Philips Sonicare HX8211/02 Airfloss Rechargeable Electric Flosser is a solid effort by Philips. It may not be everything to everyone’s mouth, but if you are ready to dump the wax string and take the experience of flossing up a few notches – then the Philips Airfloss is the way to go. Could it use some improvements, absolutely, but for the price, which is currently $79 on Amazon, is isn’t that big of an investment for healthier gums. And hey, it certainly beats getting waxy string stuck in between your teeth.

The Good: Solid design, feels good in your hand, shares the same charging base as other Sonicare products, takes the boredom out of boring floss string, blows out big chunks of food, and leaves your mouth feeling clean.

The Bad: Those with crowded teeth might have issues, reservoir for liquid is small, can leave a watery mess in its wake, and battery dies quickly.

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