PUMA Soundchuck Speakers Will Hit Your Ears Like a Nunchuck

PMAD6050PNK Mini Bluetooth speakers just keep getting smaller and smaller, with the latest offering coming from a somewhat unexpected source – Puma.

The Puma Soundchuck, so named for its resemblance to nunchuks (a little dubious on that, but sure, I’ll go with it), are tiny Bluetooth speakers that, in all, weigh less than one pound. The two speakers can be separated, like below, or held together magnetically, as above. Despite being so tiny, they’re weather resistant and manage to pack in a six-hour battery life. And, though there are physical buttons, you can also control the Soundchuck with voice commands.

The Puma Soundchuck will be available in red, orange, pink, blue, slate, and black, and will sell for $130. You’ll be able to find them in Apple stores starting in October, followed by a wider release in November.


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