Do the Hustle with the Pyle Disco Jam Stereo


You know, among the mess of retro swag that has come in waves over the last decade, one thing has stayed more or less dead. Cassette tape couture, we’ve seen that. Fashions of all sorts have come and gone. But, one thing stayed in the coffin of history, until now.

Yes, someone has exhumed disco. Long thought to have been killed (demolished, some would say) in July of 1979 at a White Sox doubleheader in Chicago, disco has been revived by Pyle and their Bluetooth Disco Jam Stereo Speaker System. It’s a high-powered speaker system that will definitely be able to blast your KC and the Sunshine Band tunes at recklessly high volumes. This thing has a total of 600 watts of output, coming from a 10” subwoofer and three 5” Piezo Tweeters. There’s also seven-band EQ.

Input comes in a lot of different ways. The Pyle Bluetooth Disco Jam Stereo Speaker System is, as the name implies, Bluetooth compatible. There are also USB and 3.5 mm ports, and you’ll also see a built-in FM radio, if you really want to trust your party to the whims of the radio DJ.

Of course, the centerpiece is the light-up disco ball (more like disco dome) sticking up out of the console. There’s also a luggage-style carrying handle, so you can wheel it off easily once the party is done and everyone has recovered from their bouts of Saturday Night Fever.

The Pyle Bluetooth Disco Jam Stereo Speaker System will tear up your dance floor for about $200.