Reddit User Combines Past and Present Star Trek Actors

spock-imgurWhat is Star Trek canon? Surely the original television show and movies are. The Abrams movies? Depends on who you ask. Some accept them as alternate timelines, others reject them as anathema. Who’s to say? Well, Reddit user ThatNordicGuy has an elegant solution of sorts.

Thanks to Photoshop and a whole lot of time on his hands, ThatNordicGuy created arguably (of course, arguably) the ultimate Enterprise crew. He mashed up the faces of actors old and new to create hybrid faces that seem surprisingly believable. The subtlety is impressive.

All of the work here is good stuff. The Scotty, Chekhov, and Spock face melds are particularly good, but trust me, those aren’t the ones you’re here to see. If you want to get right to the good stuff, scroll all the way down until you reach the wonderful things that happen when you fuse Ricardo Montalbán with Benedict Cumberbatch to create ultra-Khan. I don’t think the whole hybrid-crew of the Enterprise together could match up with that kind of power.




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