These Robots Know How to Crack a Nut


The traditional nutcracker? Nah, this is the 21st century, get that dude in the ballet and leave him there. The world of nutcrackers has moved on. To robots.

The old soldier will have plenty of time to do the waltz now that the robot nutcrackers are on the scene. But, these robots have old souls – they’re made from solid beech wood and carefully painted to make them look classy enough for the Christmas table. They do the job, too, in their own special way. The lever is out, and the knob and screw is in – give the knob a few twists to put on the pressure. If it’s better for cracking filberts, I’m all for it. Filberts are the worst.

There are two robot nutcrackers available from Suck UK – the taller blue one and the shorter red one. They’re going for €31.25 and €18.75 respectively, or about $41.75 and $25.





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