Sketch Stylus Really Does Have a Point


Who says the pencil is dead? Well, no one, I guess. But someone’s trying to bring it into the 21st century anyway, by giving the reverse end an upgrade.

The Sketch Stylus is your standard graphite pencil, but the eraser is out and a knob of Electro Conductive Rubber is in, making it a functional stylus. The pencil is a standard HB writing pencil, so you can sketch away or jot down grocery lists on your new set of sticky notes. And, hey, now no one will ever be able to harass you to throw away your stubs, which are perfectly good and underappreciated writing instruments, no matter what first grade teachers around the world say.


The Sketch Stylus is available now on Suck UK, and is selling for €6.25, which comes out to about $8.31.


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