Sony Tries to Lure eBookworms Back with Refreshed Reader


Those in Europe starved for quality options in the eReader market, take note – Sony is here for you with an updated Reader that looks to be a simple, solid offering that should have broad appeal.

The new Reader’s most noteworthy new feature is the attached snap cover, which automatically turns your Reader on and off when you open and close it. You also have the option of flicker-free page turning, although that’s much more of a drain on the battery – you’ll get four hours’ worth of that, as opposed to two months’ worth of regular reading. There’s a quick charge option, too, which will give you enough juice to read a 600-page novel with just three minutes of charging.

Other features include an anti-glare eInk 1024 x 758 resolution display and built-in Wi-Fi. The 2 GB of internal storage is backed up by a Micro SD card slot good for 32 GB more of storage, but even the internal storage alone can hold about 1200 eBooks. Compatible formats include ePub (protected and unprotected), PDF (protected and unprotected), TXT, FB2, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and BMP.

No word yet on pricing, but those in Europe can expect to see Sony’s new Reader hit stores sometime this month. There will be a broad base of monolingual and translation dictionaries available, to support most European languages.

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