Sprint Welcomes the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Throws in Unlimited Data for Life

Galxy-Note3_031_set2-e1379966868516Samsung’s newest Note is officially coming to Sprint, and with it comes a guarantee of unlimited data for life – the life of your new phone, anyway.

On October 4, Sprint will have the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 stocked, along with the companion Galaxy Gear smartwatch. The Note 3 will be available in white or black for $350 with a two-year contract, while the Galaxy Gear will be available for $300 in black, beige, or orange. That’s a pretty expensive combo, but maybe you can mitigate that with Sprint’s Unlimited My Way plan, which will get you unlimited talk, text, and data for $65 monthly.

As long as you have the Note 3 on contract with Sprint, Sprint guarantees that you’ll be able to enjoy unlimited data. Not sure if that means there’s a policy change coming in the future that you should be worried about, or if the guarantee is just a way for Sprint to move more phones and get more contracts signed. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Also, you can sign up for Sprint’s One Up program, which is Sprint’s answer to AT&T Next and T-Mobile Jump, which will allow you to upgrade to a new phone after only one year, instead of waiting for your contract to be up.