JBL Synchros Headphones Center of Trixie Whitley Silent Disco

Brooklyn based artist Trixie Whitley has been gaining a lot of traction lately summer, with a world tour and break out performances. The soulful twenty-something has a practically flawless and incredibly powerful voice that is drawing in new fans quickly. But as if her performances weren’t breathtaking enough, JBL used one of Trixie’s recent performances in New York to debut their new JBL Synchros Headphone lineup. And here is the clincher – both Trixie and the entire audience were wearing Synchros S700 over-ear stereo headphones throughout the entire performance. If you aren’t familiar with Silent Discos – they are concerts where everyone just wears headphones during a live performance. Which gives the audience a much more intimate listening experience.

JBL was showing off the fact that Synchros S700 headphones pack in JBL LiveStage signal processing technology, for an audio experience that will make you feel like you’re sitting in the first row. As a matter of fact, during the concert, we heard more detail with the headphones turned on, than we did with them off of our heads while sitting a few rows back. The headphones actually enhanced the live concert experience by bringing out the instruments to the forefront and managing to make Trixie’s voice even richer.

JBL has also packed in 50 mm drivers, JBL PureBass, and a built-in rechargeable batter that lasts for up to 28 hours. Available in a choice of (glacier) white or Onyx (black), the headphones are made of a die-cast aluminum frame, with woven Cordura accents, along with a steel headband and soft leather ear cushions for a bad ass look and feel. They are available now for $349. We’ll have a full review up soon of the JBL Synchros S500 headphones.

But if the Synchros S700 aren’t your speed, JBL has also introduced a whole new Synchros line up which includes the S500 on-ears (MSRP $299.95), S300 on-ears (MSRP $199.95), S200 in-ears(MSRP $129.95) and S100 in-ears (MSRP $99.95).

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