Don’t Blink! Blinkwashing Ad Changes Every Time You Blink


In a world thoroughly, thoroughly (thoroughly) saturated with advertising, you sometimes need to throw on a few bells and whistles to get noticed. That’s what Virgin Mobile is doing with their new Blinkwashing campaign.

For those who don’t like looking at the same thing for more than a few seconds, Blinkwashing is here as your ideal advertisement (is that possible?). Once you get your face lined up with your webcam, and the software recognizes your blinks (no less an arduous task than with any web app trying to use your webcam), you’ll start watching a Virgin Mobile commercial. But wait! You blink, and everything changes. Well, kind of. Every time you blink, the advertisement changes, but not the words.

Basically, Virgin Mobile has a whole slew of ads with roughly the same dialogue. Each word in each ad is time-coded, so when you blink, the software will switch to another ad that will continue what the previous ad was saying. The images change, but the audio is more or less seamless, expounding on the goodness of Virgin Mobile’s non-contract plans without interruption.

If you have the patience to get your head positioned just right and then keep it there for about a minute, you can check out Blinkwashing for yourself now.

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