Xbox 360 Gets $50 Price Drop at Target and Walmart

Xbox360E_4GB_Console_ST2013_US_GroupshotQuick, when’s the best time to buy a video game console? Easy – right before the new version comes out.

The imminent release of the Xbox One in November means that you can start scooping up the incumbent Xbox 360 at its cheapest prices to date. As of now, you can shop Best Buy, Amazon, Target, NFM, Walmart, or Gamestop and get $50 knocked off the price of the outgoing, venerable old console. That $50 off goes for an assortment of bundles, too, so it’s worth shopping around. Better yet, check out the first four retailers on that list – you’ll be able to get a $50 gift card in addition to the $50 knocked off the price of the Xbox 360.

If you’ve been biding your time (for a long, long time), now’s a pretty fine time to grab an Xbox 360. Unless you’re going to wait another 20 years so you can find one on eBay for like $10. I guess you could do that, too.

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