Xbox Fitness is Smarter Than A Personal Trainer

The new Xbox One and Kinect duo coming in November are going to be offering up all kinds of new possibilities across all forms of media. And now, the just introduced Xbox One’s take on fitness is giving us an early idea of the seemingly limitless possibilities that this next gen console will offer.

The problem with home video/YouTube approaches to fitness are that things always go in one direction – someone on screen yelling at you to do something. Problem is, they don’t give you any real feedback – hearing “You’re doing great!” when you already slowed down and/or threw in the towel about a half minute ago isn’t too helpful.

Xbox Fitness looks like it will help with that. It certainly has the basics down – all of the most popular trainers and programs, including Jillian Michaels, P90X, Insanity, and Tracy Anderson, are all on board with their respective programs. The difference is the Kinect.

Xbox Fitness is promising some pretty amazing feedback thanks to the Kinect. First, the Kinect will be able to read your heart rate from afar, without you needing to wear any other extra peripherals. The really cool part is that the Kinect will also be able to analyze your muscle movements and tempo to make sure that you’re using correct form and that you’re staying balanced. All of that information is used to provide actual feedback that you can use to improve your form and get fit faster. We briefly tried out Xbox Fitness for ourselves and were blown away with how accurate and intelligent the system is. It’s even smart enough to understand and adapt to your personal fitness level, and challenge you accordingly.

To that effect, the Kinect-Xbox One duo will also be able to take a look at your workout history to give you recommendations – that includes new fitness regimens and alterations to the one you’re currently using. Xbox Fitness is also fully integrated with Xbox Live, which will result in a lot of social features, including competitions with friends for extra motivation.

And, this is all coming free – at least for the first year. If you get an Xbox One and have an Xbox Live Gold subscription, you’ll get access to Xbox Fitness for free until December 2014.


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